Week #10 Press Conference

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On moving on after the loss of assistant coach Derek Moore:

“We were not able to get on the field Sunday or Monday and were able to get on the field yesterday and I thought our kids came out and had a lot of enthusiasm and intensity to the practice and I think us as coaches tried to keep the norm and tried to get them to have more fun and they seemed to have more fun and kind of release and just take one more step in healing process.

On how they will handle the offensive line coach duties:

“We will go with a three-man committee. Coach Freeman will work with running backs, wide receivers, Coach Kinney will work with running backs and quarterbacks and Coach Howell with work with running backs and the offensive lineman. All three will pitch in to make it work and I thought it went well yesterday.”

On how tough this week has been for him:

“It is tough from the standpoint that you are the head coach, you are the one that hired him and brought him in and somewhere in your mind you are always looking for what could I have done differently, but those are foolish questions. It is tough, but as the team leader, I have to keep a strong-hand on the wheel and those young men need to see to understand adversity we need to move forward and we are going to get better. We are going to get up and brush ourselves off and get back in the fight and that is the image I am trying to portray to them.”

On Lindenwood-Belleville:

“They play really hard and they have had an open week to get ready for us so we do not know what will show up, but they like to run the football and they have a quarterback who likes to run the ball and run a lot of zone read. Defensively, they have a talented squad and they were able to recruit a lot of players we weren’t able to recruit and they get a lot of transfers and have a lot of quality players on their team. We know from our past that we are nobody to take anybody lightly and that is the drum we are beating on and we are going out there to play to for a winning season and play for our seniors and honor Derek’s memory, so we have a lot of things to play for and we just need to maintain our focus and do a good job of Saturday.

On possibly making up game against Lindenwood:

“Not yet, we are just focused on getting through the task at hand. After this weekend, we will talk about and discuss it a little bit, but that is not our main focus right now. We have two ballgames left and this is the one we are focusing on now and we will address it as the games go on.”

On remembering Coach Moore at the game on Saturday:

“I am sure we are doing a lot, I can’t keep up with it all. I am trying to focus as much on anything on our seniors. Those guys deserve to be recognized and those guys deserve to have their Senior Day. They did not get to have their Homecoming, so I know it is in my mind and I know Derek would want the same thing, let’s keep all the attention of the seniors. They have been here four and five years and they have put their time in so let us keep the attention on them and they have a chance to go out back-to-back winning seasons which has not been done by a group of seniors in a long time. I know we are going to do the right things for Coach Moore and his family, but let us also put the focus on the seniors and the guys who have put in the effort for all those years and make sure we pay tribute to them as seniors.”

On the leadership the seniors have brought to the team this year:

“It has been tough, but we have guys like Demon Haire and Gatlin Ridgeway who are good senior leaders, good solid players who are productive and Julian Young and there are a whole group there that are good kids and I do not want to miss any of them. Those are the guys I can go to if I have a problem like I did today; I had a young freshman who did not get to weights on time and now is not the best time for me to be disciplining and getting on them because it might be a little more. I called Demon and go take care of this guy and he understands the situation and moment now and that is the kind of seniors I got.”