Week #9 Press Conference

Head Coach Daryl Daye

On bouncing back from loss at #2 Northwest Missouri:

“I think we had one of our best practice yesterday. We had a lot of intensity and enthusiasm and I think our guys recognize the moment and opportunity for a winning season and potentially get a bowl game if we win the next three games, so we still have a lot to play for. We will just take them one at a time, the intensity was there yesterday.”

On who is the real Lindenwood after they have played their last four opponents very tough, including the last two against ranked opponents:

“That is who this conference is from top to bottom; you just have to come to play every week. Last week when they went to Washburn, they had a chance to win the ballgame and besides just a couple field position mistakes, they were in the ballgame to the very end and put 35 points on one of the better defenses in the conference in Washburn and that tells you that every week you need to come ready to play and you respect every opponent you play.”

On places Lindenwood is making improvement:

“Absolutely. They like to pass the ball the ball a lot, but they give you the feeling that they are not running it a whole lot, but if you look at the statistics, they are running the football well. They have a tall, physical quarterback who throws the ball well and a bunch of wide receivers that are athletic and they will they throw the ball deep and take their shots. At Washburn and you can tell in their other games they were good games early until halftime and odds and ends and the game got away from them. They are a lot better team than their record (3-5) shows that is for sure.”

On what impresses him most about Lindenwood quarterback Dion Miller:

“His decision making is really good. He has a solid arm and is not a guy who is going to take off running, but he is a guy who going to look to throw first. They run a style of offense that is hurry up and they get a lot of plays in the game (average 68 per game) and they throw a lot of extended handoffs. His decision making and his arm.”

On the emergence of Chris Barnwell at running back:

“He was a guy we looked at as kind of a ‘tweener’ coming out of high school. He could play both running back as well as slot back in our offense, but he had played fullback in high school and was an all-state fullback in the triple offense so he is a guy who can do a lot of things. That is what I remember most about him when we were recruiting him that put the green light on him that he was so flexible to be both styles of back. He gets those hard yards and is always going forward. The best thing about him is he comes to work, every Tuesday and Wednesday he is working his tail off and puts his hard hat on and goes to work and you never hear him complain and is a pleasure to coach.”


Senior linebacker Gatlin Ridgway

On being a senior leader and bouncing back from two tough losses:

“It was two tough losses against two great football teams, but there is still a chance for a winning season with this one right here so that is something we are leaning on and to have two winning seasons in a row is big for us.”

On what it means to accomplish back-to-back winning seasons for first time in 16 years:

 “It is awesome, but it started with last year’s seniors who started it off for us. They gave us the foundation and we are going to keep building on that.”

On what he sees from Lindenwood’s offense:

“They have got four or five good receivers and a pretty good quarterback who can throw the ball around pretty well, but if we are able to contain the passing game, we will be alright.”

On how he sees the defense improving:

“Playing against two great defenses, we got to see what our defense was all about. We played well against Missouri Western and had some defensive mistakes against Northwest Missouri and it showed, but we will bounce back.”

On the way they have played the last two weeks on defense is not indicative of the defense as a whole and a chance to show improvement against Lindenwood:

“Yeah, I think so. We have a solid defense. We like to fly around, we are fast and physical and I think it will stand out this week and in our upcoming games.”