Head Coach Daryl Daye

On Kellen Cox taking all the snaps vs. Lincoln means he is full-time starter now:

“No, we will game-by-game still. It is just a situation we felt to keep the ball moving and keep some drives alive, we wanted to stay with Kellen at the time. Kyle (Webster) is still working hard and is still going to play a lot.”

On not overlooking teams:

“They (Southwest Baptist) are 0-3, I did not know that. We aren’t going to take anybody lightly. I think we have sat here and talked about it, you know I think I am go to blame it on Jim Henry for jinxing us on the turnover question, but seriously, you are going to play a football game, it does not matter who they are. They can throw the ball around the yard, they are hard to stop. They have a high-powered offense that if you can hold them to 14 points a game, you are doing a pretty good job. We are nobody to take anybody lightly. We are very happy to be 3-0, but then again we are three plays away from being 0-3, so we just got to go out there and do what we do.”

On finding a way to win:

“I think the guys kind of rallied there in the fourth quarter. Defensively I think we did some outstanding things throughout the game being in the position that they were in and stopping them on key fourth downs and having some turnovers, but you know at the end of the ball game when the defense had to get it done, they did and the offense maintaining that eight-minute plus drive there and kind of seal the game and make it difficult on them to move the ball back. Give credit to our kids, they got it done when they had to.”

On what SBU likes to do on offense/defense:

“They throw the ball around the yard a lot. They got some big physical offensive lineman, some good wide receivers, and a good looking quarterback with a live arm so they are going to put the ball in the air a lot and try to get as many hurry up snaps as they can. Defensively  they are an attacking style defense that run to the ball well and they do some good things.

On if they throw more than the first three opponents:

“It’s probably about the same as the others. Every team we have played has thrown the ball a lot. UCO ran it a little bit more, tried to establish it, but I think our defense is doing a very good job against the run and I think it is has forcing people to go to the air more than they wanted to.

On contrasting paces of SBU’s offense to MSSU’s:

“I think so. They will hurry up to the line of scrimmage and try to snap the ball in a hurry up offense. We are going to do the opposite.”

On prospect of first-ever 4-0 start:

“It’s great. It sure makes it easy for me to be in here and talk to you all. Can we live in the moment for awhile you know? We don’t take anything light and we understand it is a great opportunity. Our kids put in some good work yesterday was our grind day and today we will work hard today and put a little more polish on it, but I tell you they looked good yesterday. We had a meeting that came into our play with our practice so we had to go later. I was a little worried about having to change their normal routine up, but I will tell you what they executed last night and looked as sharp offensively as I have seen us look and defensively we were flying around. Maybe because it was cool last night and we are 3-0, but whatever it is, they sure look good this week so far in practice.”

On stopping late fourth-quarter rallies:

“Without a doubt, but I will say this, if you want to come and see a good show and get every bit of money’s worth for your ticket, come out and see us play, cause it is going to come down to the end.”


Senior free safety Demond Horsley

On preparing for SBU’s pass-heavy offense:

“Yes, sir, every game is a workout. We just got to come out and do what we do. We know they are going to come out and try to throw because we got a good run defense, so I think the secondary is prepared.”

On what the ride back from Lincoln was like:

“It was fun, a lot of people’s was rapping, having fun. I think Coach Daye even busted a rap after the game. It was a lot of fun. Would rather win than lose, the ride back is a lot more fun when you win, but when you lose, you do not want that ride.”

On if he could give the media a sampling of a rap:

“I ain’t good at busting rhymes.”

On if SBU’s passing game differs from what they have seen so far this year:

“No, everybody passes the ball the same. Quarterback throws it to the receiver. We just got to defend it.”

On the last two games tight finishes:

“I think with this type of offense every game is going to be pretty close, but the defense we are doing good, just getting the W, that’s the only thing that really matters is that we get the win in the end.”

Differences between this year’s and last year’s defense:

“This year defense we get better every day, where last year we go up and down in practice, but this year everyday we make progress, getting better everyday.”

On how the secondary has played against all these teams that throw the ball around:

“We gave up some big plays, but we are getting it together. We are really improving everyday, so we are going to get it all together this week.”

On if stopping the big play is a focus:

“It’s not really a focus, we just can’t give up the big play. We got to eliminate that. We know that as a secondary we gave up some big plays, but we are going to improve.”

On his personal role in the defense on Saturday:

“My role is just to be a team player and get in my drop and just do my part and let everybody else do their part.”

Sophomore right tackle Beau Bounous

On career at Missouri Southern:

“I was recruited as a defensive end, that was my forte coming out of high school, but when I came to Missouri Southern, we had a little need on the offensive line, and I gave up my defensive dreams to get into the trenches on the offensive side of the ball and been there ever since.”

On how tough it is to give up that defensive dream:

“You know to be on either side of the ball, offense or defense, it is fundamentally the same thing. You are going out there and going head-to-head with somebody, hitting them in the mouth, you know it is what I like to do, so it was not a big transition for me.

On if transition was hard to make:

“In high school, I played on both sides of the ball, so I understood the fundamentals of what it took to be an offensive lineman or a defensive lineman.”

On campus-wide excitement after 3-0 start:

“A lot of professors are getting really excited, asking me about the games and students see that and we might come to your game and I say that would be great! Bring all your friends, cheer for us, it will be a great time. I feel like there is a positive aura going around, which is great.”

On how the offensive line is overcoming lack of depth:

“Well there are a lot of young kids who have had to step up this year and I am very proud of them for that. They have really filled the shoes that they have needed to fill and we have continued to battle through some injuries and we really take it one day at a time and do what we can to be healthy on gamedays and just really push through the pains if we have to.”

On the physicality up front in this new offense:

“Like Coach Carey says every step we are going downhill and that is the mentality that we have. It is never backwards, always forward. If we are not coming off the ball and hitting somebody in the mouth, somebody is going to be yelling at us. That is what we really focus on, a lot of wear and tear there.”

On the challenges the SBU lines creates:

“SBU’s defensive line, we have watched a little bit of film on them and they are a very athletic bunch. They do not like to stay blocked, so it is going to be very important to keep our heads up, hands on them and feet moving.”

On how much bigger he has got since high school:

“Well senior year I graduated about 205, so about 30 pounds or so, I’m still not where I want to be, but I am trying.

On what he wants to weigh:

“About 265 and I would be just fine.”

On if experience wrestling in high school helps playing the offensive line:

“Yes sir, especially since we went to the triple option and all we are doing is cut blocking and it is almost like a double leg takedown. It is the same kind of mentality. I am going to take you to the ground and you are going to like it.”