Week #9 FB Press Conference Transcript

Head Coach Daryl Daye:

On if he was more disappointed with way team played than the loss itself:

“Absolutely, both equally. Our communication side of it was very poor and we have addressed it week. You know we had some busts that haven’t showed up since second game, first game, so that’s disappointing.  It wasn’t a single fault for anybody. It was pretty much a general deal that we’ve addressed, but we had a lot better day of practice yesterday. Our communication got back on line, kind of looked like we are getting back in step. Partly could have been it was the first big game we have played in a long time here, so that could have had something to do with it. But I’m going to take responsibility as a coach and as a coaching staff, we have to do a better job and I think we will this week.”


On if quarterback Kellen Cox is playing this week:


“He’s beat up. It’s a physical offense and most of the time he doesn’t want to pitch it, he wants to run it, so we got to get the ball out of his hands some more, but he is a tough guy now, so he is going to go.”


On preparation for playing a new team in Lindenwood:


“Most definitely, since they have had a quarterback change. It looks like three different offenses, so it is hard to prepare for three different teams at one time, but there past three games, but their past three games it’s been a different offense each game, so it is tough to prepare for. We are not 100% sure what they’ll come out and feature. We know this they are very athletic and they are playing with a lot of confidence. We know they are very good football team. They took two top five, top ten teams to the final bell, so that says something right there.  They are very well coached and playing with a lot of effort and we are going to have to come over there and play our best game to beat them.”


On what offenses they have shown:


“Well they have been more throwing attack early in the game and more spread this past game, they even got in some three back looks in the gun. It even looked like a wishbone looking formation out of the shotgun, we actually liked it. They ran some option out of the it, they ran the ball more with the last offense that they had then they did this last game.  We got to get ready for everything we think we will see.”


On surprised by how much success Lindewood has had in their first year in the conference:


“It might be largely due to the fact they were NAIA coming on up. The restrictions for NAIA of players that you can get into school are a lot looser. You can get a lot of players that we couldn’t get at Division II because of the academic restrictions, but from what I have heard they have a great facility over there, they have a very nice school and they are right there in St. Louis, so they can be out there on Friday’s watching a lot of good football players so it is not surprising to me, because you look up and down there roster and they have quality players.”


On moving on since Saturday:


“Move on, it is one of those games you walk in and say this is the game, here is what we are going to do, in the trash can, move on. We are going to address the issues we talked about, but we are sitting here with an opportunity to win eight ballgames, a bowl game, potentially a playoff still, who knows what can happen, so we have a lot to play for, a winning season, so our kids are preparing hard.”


On how discipline has been this week in practice:


“It’s been good. It’s not been a problem. We had some things in the games that I was upset with, we took a helmet off after the call at the back of the end zone where the guy caught the touchdown, so that was upsetting to us because that is not us, but overall it hasn’t been a problem at practice or their school work, we have addressed all the issues. It is yes sir, no sir and go to work.”


On what he sees from Lindenwood on defense:


“Very athletic, they are very similar to teams like Central Missouri. They run to the ball very well, they tackle good; they got some excellent athletes on the back end. I think it will be a very good football game, expecting a fourth quarter football game, who turns the ball over, who makes mistakes is not the one who is going to win.”


On if shoulder injury to Kellen had effect on his pitches:


“No, I don’t think so; I think it was more trying to place the ball. Thinking too much about it rather than just let his body do what it does. He tried to overcompensate a few times and he wasn’t able to get the ball there. Those are things you can’t have happen, you can’t turn the ball over and get behind the chains and have a chance to be successful against an unranked opponent, you dang sure can’t do against a top five team.”


On difference between Brandon Williams the freshman in 2008 and now:


“We go way back, I was here when we recruited him. Nick Williams was a young part-time assistant coach with us that was recruiting the St. Louis area and he brought me the film on Brandon and the first time I saw Brandon he was at a prep school in Cincinnati, Harmony Prep School, I saw this big mug that was playing offensive line that wasn’t on the ground a lot. At the time, we were struggling to find d-lineman and what we were doing with our 3-3-5 package, I was looking for a more athletic d-lineman and I saw him on film, he was on the ground, hustled around pretty good, I didn’t get to see him play any defense, and I said go get that big rascal cause we can put him on d-line and he did and the rest is history.”


On if he thought he would develop into the all-time sack leader at MSSU:

“I don’t know about sack leader. I probably wouldn’t have predicted that. As a freshman, I played him as a 7-technique as an end, I knew he was athletic enough to contain rush. That is a big positive for him because he isn’t a pigeon guy and that is why we have so many scouts in here on a weekly basis because they don’t see him as a pigeon-hole guy. They don’t see him as a guy who is just going to line up over a guard or a center and that is just the end of it. He can contain because he has got the athleticism to contain, he can play all up and down the d-line, which when you got a player like that who you are recruiting, it just makes you so much more flexible and not limited in what you can do defensively. You can be more multiple because you got a guy who is athletic enough to do a lot of things.  I never saw him breaking the sack record, I knew he was going to be a quality player if he could get his head straight, which he did, he grew up, starting caring about his school work, starting caring about his team and he has only gotten better each year. I am very proud about what he has accomplished.”


On having a guy like Brandon Williams on the team and what is does for the program:


“Well it is definitely great, because guys like Threat and Zerkel will get looked at a lot more of than they would of if Brandon wasn’t here, but the thing I am most proud of Brandon on is he has been able to focus on his job at his job at hand, he comes to work every week and he goes out there and he is playing hard in the games, he’s focusing on what is going to make him better. You know the NFL is great and all that is in his mind, but he’s concentrating on this team right here, he cares about Missouri Southern and wanting them to win. You know this whole process for him from A-Z won’t be complete unless he finishes his schoolwork and he knows that too as well. That is a big expectation for him and his mother, finish with a degree in criminal justice major and we are expecting to finish on out and get his degree and to understand you are only play away from never playing this game again so you best have something else to fall back on, but you know he is a recent father and he’s got a young son, he’s got some responsibilities now. The truth of it is it’s time for him to grow up and get in the real world; he’s three games away or if we get an extra game that, from not playing any more college football. The real world is going to face him like it has all of us.”


Offensive guard Austin Wolfe:


On play of offensive line, staying healthy and having continuity:


“This offensive line is very aggressive and this offense is very aggressive and we find it hard to stay healthy as the season goes on because you are always cutting and getting up in people’s face and it is just that type of offense.”

On big change in offense line this year to last year:

“Definitely, last year it was more reading. This year it is straight-ahead movement, so it has completely changed.”

On cut-blocks and spacing:

“Yeah, we think about it, we work on every week. We can’t do it in practice, we can’t cut our own players because it is too dangerous, but we work on it. Sometimes we don’t end up in the right spots.”

On if it hard to improve without having repetitions in practice:

“Yeah definitely, it is an experience thing in the game, because you got to judge where that guy is and it is a medicine ball that we practice with and it is totally different in the game.”

On if easy to get motivated after loss knowing they still have a lot to play for:

“Definitely, last week we had some mistakes, but like Coach Daye said you got to move on and keep plugging away.”

On Lindenwood defensively having smaller defensive ends making it easier in the running game:

“I don’t think it makes much of a difference because in this offense it is where you need to be and the timing of when you need to be there. I don’t think it really matters how big they are or how quick, you just got to do your job and execute.”


Senior defensive tackle Brandon Williams

On how difficult it is to block out NFL distractions from what you have going on right now:

“It’s not that difficult just for the simple fact that I am not the kind of guy who gets excited by something until it is right there. It wouldn’t be good to get excited for something that won’t happen or doesn’t happen or you think is going to happen and it doesn’t happen so until it gets here, I won’t be excited for it. It’s nice to hear about, but I have to focus on this, every game, every practice and then after that I can start working on that.”

On contact with NFL teams now:

“Through Coach Daye. Yes, they come to the school and Coach Daye calls me in and I sit with them and talk with them for a little bit or just come in and say hi so they can get a look at me, but other than that I don’t talk to them unless it is through Coach Daye.”

On if some teams have been through more than others:

“There have been a few teams that have been here more than others, but they all seem to come in and be impressed.”

On if he can say which ones have been here the most:

“They have all been here multiple times.”

On what he remembers about Brandon Williams the freshman:

“Not knowing if I going to go to college first of all, so coming to college is also a blessing, but when I was a freshman, it was more of me just getting used to everything, and me trying to prove myself that I was a great player and try to prove to the coaches that I was a great player. I was just trying to get in a rhythm just to find myself in this program, try to find where I would be, with new position, but where I am at compared to now, it’s been a total 180, I didn’t care about school, mostly worried about going out, being seen more than actually doing my work.”

On injury problems while at Southern:

“Back surgery was the biggest problem injury problem. I didn’t think at all, I was actually scared to come back, just because I was thinking I had one play and I could be done and I would be paralyzed. It was one of those things where I was like I come back and take that risk or cut it short and say nah I’m done, but I am glad I came back. It was just one of those things where looking down the road thirty years from now I don’t want to be that person like, “Man, what could I have done, what would I be right now if I would have took that chance so I just came out and did it and it felt good and obviously history is what it is now. “

On when he had back surgery and how the injury happened:

“In August of 2009. Lifting over spring, actually when I first got here, it was lifting in April, before I even steeped foot on the field, it was in April, but I had a chance to play as a freshman and I was like I am not going to ruin this chance just because I have a little tick in my back, but after the season it got worse and I had to fix it.”

On injury:
“Ruptured disc, got it fixed, but then it got infected, got staph, spinal meningitis, spinal fluid sac tore so I was leaking spinal fluid, it was just a bad deal. The doctor told me that if I didn’t come in when I did, because I was just planning on going to sleep and seeing how I felt in the morning, that I would have been gone, paralyzed.”

On if coming back from injury means more than the sack record:

“Yes, that is way bigger, way bigger, the sack record is great, but me coming back from that injury and me succeeding like I have has been great, it’s been a blessing, but the sack record is just an accolade, me finishing the season, a winning season, being a winner, finishing the season, that would be great.  Because since I have been here I have never been a part of that, it would be nice to leave on top.”

On defenses scheming around him opening others on offense to make plays:

“Yes sir, most teams scheme around me, but me getting double teamed or me getting slide protection and three guys on me gives the other defensive ends, lineman a chance to get one-on-one blocks and defeat those blocks and get to the quarterback and then the quarterback is thinking well now we got to stop these guys and then it gets me one on ones which I get into good plays and then they don’t know who to block now, so it is great as a team and we get in there and linebackers get in there more and we can get blitzes off better, so it is a great thing.  

On lessons he has learned at Southern that he will teach to his son:

“The biggest thing is don’t take anything for granted, it can be taken away from you like that.  Never quit and also when you are down and out and at your lowest, you can always come out and be on top.  That’s one of those things I’ll teach my son, don’t quit, give it all you got, because you never know when it’s going to be your last time.

On going back and playing in the St. Louis area this weekend:

“Oh yeah, that is always a great time cause my whole family is from St. Louis so they all have their signs and banners and you can hear them over the crowds and bands, it’s great, have that atmosphere of being at home, everybody at home supporting you, just get the chance to ball out, it is the best feeling in the world.”

On playing any defense line in prep school:

“No, I was strictly offensive guard, strictly offensive guard. You know I could play defensive line, but you know I was one of those guys in high school that I played both sides, but when I got to the prep school, there was more defensive lineman than offensive lineman, so one of the coaches there put me against one of the better defensive lineman and went head to head board drill, I stuck him, and he was like you are going to offensive line, and I was like I just beat this guy, why I am going to offensive line, but there is a method to his madness.”

On if he prefers defense over offense:

“I prefer to help the team anyway I can, that is what I am looking for, but as you see I am playing offense now, defense, and I am on the PAT, anyway I can help the team win is the best.”