Week #2 Football Press Conference- September 5, 2012

Head Coach Daryl Daye:

On how two quarterback system worked:

“Both kids got in and were both productive and thought they handled the load and ran the show very well, we will continue to stay with each one of them and kind of rotate them in as we see fit.”

On how the defense played:

“We made a lot of mistakes and did not execute a lot of the things we wanted to do. Actually for the first game, the late turnover we were upset about, and then giving up the late scores, as well, are things we have to improve on, and we are working on them daily, but overall the effort was there, the intensity was there, so as long as we can keep them flying around and do our job as coaches and get them going in the right direction.”

On most pleasing part of opening night:

“Taking the knee at the end to clinch the game.”

On one thing that they can improve for this week:

“I do not think I could single out one thing, I think we just have so much more room for improvement, but overall those guys getting the feeling of riding home with a victory and then winning a fourth quarter game.”

One positive they can take away from this week:

“Probably controlling the clock, if I had to pick one thing, it would be having the ball as long as we did and keeping the defense off the field and only playing 57 plays. If we can do that every game, we will be in the hunt and in the game in the fourth quarter with a chance to win and that’s all we can ask.”

Surprised by how well defense executed:

“No, not by their effort.  Again once you break down the film and look at the mistakes, you will see a lot of things there that we can get better at.  We have a lot of room for growth, there is a lot of room to get better and there’s an upside to it all, but causing those turnovers were very critical for us. Those were field position turnovers that were we able to get scores.”

Challenges that Northeastern State presents:

“A lot, they are a really high octane offense. They have an excellent quarterback, a ton of wide receivers, they will feature a spread offense, a lot of times a no back offense. They are going to throw the ball all over the yard and when you get out of the box, they are going to tag you with one or two of their running backs that are very good. They have a big, solid looking offensive line and I think they are going to continually get better each week and I think you will see that throughout the year because they have some talent and they have some guys in key positions that can really affect you and score. Defensively, they flew around the ball quite well, and Pitt State just kind of got away with it toward the end there, but they were in the ball game for a good while, and had some plays called back against them that hurt them a lot that could have been the difference in the ball game.

On progress he is looking for his team to make from week one to week two:

“I’ll tell you after the game on Saturday on that one really good, but you know I think it’s really simple, we are going to do what we do, we are going to hang our hat on what we do and that’s being physical, running the ball, shortening the game, and then flying around on defense causing turnovers, and then playing field position on special teams. Those things are what we are going to hang our hat on and I think we were able to do some of those things last Thursday that helped us get the victory and hopefully we will be able to them this Saturday to have a chance to get another win.”

On how they are doing health-wise:

“We are good. We were able to get them off their feet a lot. We came back in on Friday after the game and did film review and lifted and ran and were off on Saturday and then Sunday, we did about the same things we did Friday, had a walk-through practice, and then Monday they had off, and then yesterday was the grind day, so we are back on schedule with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being the real prep days for the game.

On how to prevent late-game scoring:

“That’s something that we addressed. A lot of people don’t know this, and it is not an excuse, but that hurricane (Issac) blew a lot of humidity up there and it wasn’t what our guys had been used to. We had nice, 70,80 degree camp where the wind was nice and breezy, but we really had not had those dog days where the heat was on us and that was kind of the first time and we gave up some scores late, but a credit to them too, as I think you will see those guys look better than what they were last Thursday, because it took that quarterback (Adrian Nelson) a little while to get going, but he is a good player and they have some good players, but it is definitely addressed, but when the game is on the line, you have to make the plays, it is just that simple.”

On how much of the playbook they used:

“Just barely touched, it is enormous; nobody knows what we are liable to do. I can’t give you the whole thing, the whole scoop just yet, but we ran a lot of what we do, but we are just going to continue to do what we do best and each week we see what they are going to potentially be and we will adapt what we do on offense, defense and special teams, that’s part of it. We are going to run the triple option, I think that’s obvious and we are going to cut people and get them on the ground and try to slow athletes down and that’s not going to change.”

On what Northeastern State does on defense:

“They are pretty multiple in what they do as well. They have some good transfers, a couple of pretty good linebackers that are running around making plays and a really good free safety who can run the alley and be productive. The better we execute our ability to cut block and get people on the ground, the better we are going to do.”


Senior slot back Ne’Ronte Threatt

On how many times in previous years he has been recognized for his blocking ability:

“Not many, but it seems like that’s part of the thing we have to do right now, so I was pretty proud of having seven chop blocks. I did not feel like I had seven, but as a unit, we pride ourselves on chop blocking.”

So you enjoy chop blocking?

“Yeah, it is kind of easy getting a 230-pound linebacker on the ground with a chop block.”

Adjustment to new role:

“I am just playing a part on that, just trying to be part of the team, if it something the team has to do to win, then that’s what I am going to do.”

Special teams play:

“Coach Daye he prides himself on special teams, so we feel like special teams is one of those things we got to contribute to win games.”

On challenges NSU provides on defense:

“They have some pretty good players. The free safety, Victor Johnson, he is a pretty good safety (transfer from Oklahoma State) and I think if we can get him on the ground, we will be pretty good.”

Do you miss catching 5-6 balls a game?

“Yes I do, but I like cut blocking even more right now.”

What is your life like as a student-athlete?

“I have a few jobs in between football, but that’s just for my family. I have four classes a day, then go to practice, then get a couple hours of sleep and then go to work. I work a night shift from 11pm-7am, then get back up and do it again. I do that three, four times a week. It’s just part of life.”


Sophomore defensive end Ryon Phillips:

Looking forward to matchup with big NSU lineman:

“Definitely, I know our defensive line is looking forward to showing our athleticism and running around and making plays just like we did last week as a full defense and that’s what we look forward to every week and even though they got big guys, we are going to do what we do like Coach Daye said we are going to pound them and hit them and when they are not looking we are going to make the play and we plan to do that the whole game through the fourth quarter as well.”

Most impressed thing he took from the defense last week:

“Intensity, we had been hitting on our offense all through camp, so just to get out there and go against someone else and having that driving passion behind the whole defense and having that family unit out there going at it, it’s awesome, it really is and just to be able to be a part of it is amazing, so that’s what I enjoy the most, just getting back out there with my family members.”

How quickly they were able to bond as a unit:

“Very quickly. We had a lot of new guys come in, but with the guys who have still been here when we come back, we have just meshed really well, really quickly right at the beginning of camp, we have gotten together and hung out a lot, not only on the field, but in the dorms or somebody’s house and going and doing stuff together.  It’s a lot more close knit that it was last year and it is very enjoyable.”