Missouri Southern State University Student-Athlete Questionnaire

This form is intended for CURRENT MISSOURI SOUTHERN STUDENT ATHLETES ONLY. If you are a prospective student athlete and want a coach to contact you, you can fill out the individual sports' forms found HERE. Please note that unless you fill out the correct form, your coach will not receive it. Thanks.  

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Name the Sports you played in High School - List the coaches' FIRST AND LAST names

1.   Coach Name   Position/Event   
     Letters Earned     Years Started   
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List any honors/key statistics for each varsity year (indicate which sport referring to):

List any school records set:

List any team championships that you helped your school to:

List any honors/key statistics/records etc. set while playing for a club sport

If you are a transfer, please list any stats and achievements (ie. All-Conference/All-Region/All-American) and honors you received at your previous school. 

Father's Name 
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If married, please list spouse's name (maiden), how long you've been married and any children's names and ages:

List any relatives were are or were college or professional athletes. (please indicate name, relationship to you and when or where they played)

List your home town newspaper and contact information 

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