Our purpose is to empower the student-athlete with the confidence and ability to succeed. We feel our most important responsibility is to assist our student-athletes in reaching their highest potential as they strive for excellence academically, athletically, and socially within a diverse and challenging society.

Missouri Southern State University Intercollegiate Athletics

Missouri Southern State University recognizes that the welfare of the student-athlete is an integral part of a successful athletics program. We embrace the concept that the student-athlete is first and foremost a student who possesses the same individual rights, academic abilities and personal interests as the general student body. A truly effective athletic program produces student-athletes who succeed in their academic work as well as in their chosen sport, and who, following graduation, are a tribute to themselves, the University, and their communities. It is incumbent upon the Athletics Department to work in harmony with the values outlined in the Mission Statement of Missouri Southern State University.

The goal of Missouri Southern State University and its Athletic Department is for student-athletes to receive a quality experience both in the classroom and in their athletic pursuits. To ensure that each student-athlete reaches this goal, the University is committed to the academic and financial integrity of our athletics programs by exercising firm institutional control. It is the responsibility of the University and the Department of Athletics to adhere to all regulations set forth for the governance of intercollegiate athletics by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the University to educate and enforce those regulations among all boosters, alumni, and any group or individuals who represent the University's athletics interests.


The Missouri Southern State University has adopted the following objectives to serve as a guide to our participation in intercollegiate athletics.

* The University will maintain institutional control of intercollegiate athletics at all times by vesting in the President the responsibility and authority for the administration of the athletics department including all basic policies, personnel, and finances.

* The educational values and mission of the University determine the standards by which we conduct our intercollegiate athletics program.

* The intercollegiate athletics program shall be conducted with the highest ethical standards reflecting sportsmanship by practicing such values as respect, fairness, civility, honesty and responsibility.

* The University shall maintain compliance with all institutional, conference, and NCAA rules and regulations governing amateurism, recruiting, eligibility, playing and practice seasons, and finance.

* The University will employ a coaching staff grounded in sound educational principles demonstrated by their active involvement as a teaching faculty member.

* The intercollegiate athletics program will encourage and promote diversity and equity among its staff and student-athletes by providing a comfortable environment for the understanding of, respect for, and sensitivity to diversity and equity.

* The academic welfare of the student-athletes including admission, satisfactory progress, and graduation shall be of primary importance to the University.

* Concern for the physical welfare of the student-athlete shall be addressed through a comprehensive program of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injury and a substance abuse education and testing program.